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Welcome to “Thought Snacks,” Chef Luna’s Blog, and an Invitation

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I want to create something special with blog, “Thought Snacks,” and you, the blog readers. Having created and worked in hospitality since practically my childhood, I have always developed special relationships with customers – people who come by to eat, to talk, or just to be alone. (Yes, you even sort of develop a relationship with those people who don’t socialize at your restaurant.) Computers are by no means personal, and social media is not necessarily as intimate as a casual acquaintance.

What I want for those who read this blog is to develop a true relationship where we, you and I, share the simplicity of living life to its fullest, the ups and downs. Cooking, eating, drinking and even crying together. This is an open invitation to those living in Canton Zurich, Switzerland (since it’s where I reside) to ask me to come their home and help with any dishes or food questions, free of charge. Together, we can develop a recipe of your creation. (I offer the same to any individuals or couples around the globe.  Just remember, I cannot cover the travel and accommodation expenses; but if you plan a trip to Europe, make a stop and visit Zurich – and let me know, so that I can make time for dinner at casa Luna.


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      Thanks, Jurg! I am excited too. And, now, it looks like there will be a storefront. So stay tuned! (Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I had to learn how to work with this new website.)

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