The Service

What if you could reclaim a month of your life to do what you want – not what you need?

It’s 5 pm. Your work day is over, and now you start dreading the steps home – because you need to figure out how to handle dinner. Go out to eat? Go to the grocery store? Lose precious minutes of your free time wandering through the aisles trying to decide between something fresh or something frozen? By the time you get home, it’s already 7 pm.

And you haven’t even lifted a fork.

The Service : How Chef Luna Wants to Transform Your Quality of Life

Chef Luna offers a line of food, freshly prepared and tested for optimal taste.

  • We are committed to quality ingredients that are locally-sourced to make your prepared dishes. All our menu items contain no additives or preservatives.
  • Our cooking techniques allow us to provide a superior product which can be consumed at room temperature or heated.
  • Nothing we do is mass produced. It is prepared for you, with your lifestyle in mind.
  • We work personally with you to create dishes that take into consideration your taste preferences, allergies and health. We get to know you as a person while maintaining your privacy.
  • We want to spoil you. This is why we have structured the service in a simple membership with no fine print and no strings attached.

This is like having my own personal chef! How much does it cost? Can I afford this?

My commitment is in helping you reclaim the quality in your life. I see Chef Luna as a way to help you bridge the gap between the things you really value for yourself and the time you allow yourself to live for those things.

Our service is based on a membership; and our pricing is reasonable, because we are committed to developing a relationship with you.

You have nothing to lose by sending Chef Luna an email to say you are curious and everything to gain by making an appointment for a free “cooking-class” consultation, so we can get to know you better. (We find a cooking class is the best — and tastiest — way to learn the tastes and preferences of our customers.)

There is a reason why we offer memberships.  We simply want to spoil you.

Contact Chef Luna for a free consultation.

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