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Rock out with your Koch out! Party with Chef Luna!

Every day should be a celebration. A party, of sorts. A party to let the world know, “I am alive and ready to kick ass!” A party just for yourself. The beauty of the moment is all there is.

This is not a dream. There is no time to waste on yesterday’s past and tomorrow’s future. When will I learn that the most important lesson in life is to appreciate and understand who “me” is?  Look at yourself in the mirror this morning. Make faces, realizing life is a game, baby.  Go into the kitchen make yourself a   drink, coffee, tea, wine or champagne—whatever fits your party mood and celebrate.

I know everyday living cannot be everyday fun, but each day is filled with, dare I say, festive moments.   There is no greater joy and happiness than opening your eyes in the morning. Whether you are alone or with the one you love. See the moment as an opportunity of a lifetime, the opening of your eyes, the sound of your heartbeat and the scent of fearlessness.

Declare today, “Now all possibilities unknown to me are welcome.” Embrace yourself and give life a hug.  Remain still and appreciate your total being, the existence of you and your beauty.


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