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No recipes, just free

I have to admit I do not enjoy recipes. I do not write them or look for recipes, unless for pastries. Why don’t I like recipes? Simply put, because living life is freedom.

Life is free. It does not come with a set of rules to follow. A recipe is meant to be a guide, to be used as a tool or a direction for what you are looking to create. I enjoy thinking differently, freely – not that I am different from other cooks, chef or people.  No, I just enjoy thinking differently. Turning something upside down to see it from a different angle, or with a different taste.

There are too many fucking recipes; some that work, others that do not. Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying a recipe that didn’t work? What about the thrill of discovering something delicious without a recipe? For my part, I have experienced more joy with the latter.

Desserts, on the other hand, need recipes like the desert needs water. Desserts are delicate like a flower and will wilt if not handled with care and attention. It begs you to pray, no matter what your religion is:  Please God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha make sure the soufflé rises.

Cooking is a bit more like living “in action”. Make a mistake? Then, fix it as you go along – don’t ponder, don’t question what was, or what if. Just move forward.  A little bit of lemon, maybe fresh squeezed orange juice, and a touch of cilantro. There you go! Dinner is served.

What is there to know?  Your daily living is a recipe that cannot be duplicated. It is constantly changing. And just when you thought you have found the recipe for Truth, the recipe no longer works.


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4 Responses

  1. Apologies for being slow to respond to your January 25 post about recipes…I was intrigued by the statement that “There are too many fucking recipes; some that work…” Until recently, I had trouble finding user-friendly and inspirational fucking recipes at all. Latterly I have found a few and, given my lack of first-hand experience in my adult life and the awkwardness this predicament presents me with in relationships, I am grateful when I find one that I can use. Not to diminish the “thrill of discovering something delicious without a recipe”, sometimes guidelines, suggestions and parameters help a great deal.
    Thanks for your wise direction. As always, I will read with interest every and all subsequent posts. Ooooo I love the pics too 😉

    1. Hello, Jen! Thanks for your comment on my new blog. Exciting indeed! Yes, there is a LOT of information on the internet — especially in the form of recipes. Some of them, I can tell, from my experience are NOT going to result in the desired outcome. I hear your point too. Sometimes, I will google a recipe for a dish someone asks me for, so I can establish the parameters, i.e., the ingredients I would like to use. If the recipe calls for butter, I will almost always reach for olive oil, because my cooking tends to avoid the use of butter (just a personal preference on my part because I think it results in cleaner flavors).

      To me, there is just more pleasure in knowing that I am not lost, and that I simply don’t know where I am. It’s sort of like sex. You might not know how you ended up in that Twister position, but… actually, that feels pretty damn good!

      I guess my blog post boils down to the saying of “not being able to see the forest for the trees”. It is a matter of perspective — and remembering that the ultimate gift of food is the pleasure it brings into living.

      P.S. My lovely one will be thrilled to hear you enjoyed her photographs.

    1. Rock on, JDB!
      Find that Twister position, enjoy it and let it go!

      Planning on coming to Switzerland anytime soon!?

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