I love Switzerland

I love Switzerland

What is it like to live in Switzerland? Totally awesome.

Is it the mountains? The snow? Or the slopes? The countrysides or the people?

I don’t know.

Love is not a thing that is defined.

I love you when I don’t think of you.

I love Switzerland, explained.

Coming from New York City, the people I meet here in Switzerland, and in Winterthur, often ask me why would I move here.

Love is something that cannot be defined or explained.

My wife moved to Winterthur. So, without thinking, I moved. I followed.

Love is absent of thought. The moment you think, you live the opposite.

I only love you, when I don’t think of you.

Every moment is a new beginning. It’s an eternity. There is no comparing, or remembering. Only living. Only loving.

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