Distracted By Delicious Opportunities!

An interesting thing starts to happen when you put your mind to something. Opportunities start to present themselves to you. Things start to fall into place, and other things move to the backburner.

This is what happened when I started to put Chef Luna together. As you know, Chef Luna is about preparing and delivering delicious foods, suited to your diet and budget (just like having a private chef — only: not pricey). Somewhere in the process of putting together the concept, the website and selling the product, I also stumbled on a little place where Chef Luna will soon reside.

Yes. Chef Luna has a new home in Winterthur, and it will be cloaked in a restaurant/food concept under the name, Spanish Harlem NYC by Chef Luna.

So, what exactly is Spanish Harlem NYC? It’s the place where you can meet and get to know me, Chef Luna’s Founder, Owner and Chef: Paul Luna. It’s where you can develop an understanding and an appreciation of the flavors that inspire me to continue cooking. It’s a place where fresh ingredients from local farms come together at prices you don’t have to fret about. A place where you can simply be a part of something special, enjoy a glass of wine, conversation, and a bite. That’s what I have my mind on these days…

Of course, don’t let my reveries and my projects keep you from getting in touch. If you’ve been hoping for a personal chef to help you discover the wonders of fresh, prepared foods, custom-tailored to your needs — then give me a call or send me an email to set up a free, no-obligation cooking demo.

In the meantime, please stay tuned, as I allow myself to be distracted…

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