JesusRICE! is born!

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A month ago today, ChefLuna opened the doors on its latest venture, called: JesusRICE! From the outset, JesusRICE! is nothing particularly original. It’s a food concept. People go there to eat. The menu centers around: you guessed it–rice. Rice with veggies, rice with beef, rice with chicken–served with white beans. The core menu items are gluten-free and lactose free. This …

Distracted By Delicious Opportunities!

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An interesting thing starts to happen when you put your mind to something. Opportunities start to present themselves to you. Things start to fall into place, and other things move to the backburner. This is what happened when I started to put Chef Luna together. As you know, Chef Luna is about preparing and delivering delicious foods, suited to your …

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Rock out with your Koch out! Party with Chef Luna!

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Every day should be a celebration. A party, of sorts. A party to let the world know, “I am alive and ready to kick ass!” A party just for yourself. The beauty of the moment is all there is. This is not a dream. There is no time to waste on yesterday’s past and tomorrow’s future. When will I learn …

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No recipes, just free

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I have to admit I do not enjoy recipes. I do not write them or look for recipes, unless for pastries. Why don’t I like recipes? Simply put, because living life is freedom. Life is free. It does not come with a set of rules to follow. A recipe is meant to be a guide, to be used as a …

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Welcome to “Thought Snacks,” Chef Luna’s Blog, and an Invitation

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I want to create something special with blog, “Thought Snacks,” and you, the blog readers. Having created and worked in hospitality since practically my childhood, I have always developed special relationships with customers – people who come by to eat, to talk, or just to be alone. (Yes, you even sort of develop a relationship with those people who don’t …