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Rock out with your Koch out! Party with Chef Luna!

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Every day should be a celebration. A party, of sorts. A party to let the world know, “I am alive and ready to kick ass!” A party just for yourself. The beauty of the moment is all there is. This is not a dream. There is no time to waste on yesterday’s past and tomorrow’s future. When will I learn …

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No recipes, just free

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I have to admit I do not enjoy recipes. I do not write them or look for recipes, unless for pastries. Why don’t I like recipes? Simply put, because living life is freedom. Life is free. It does not come with a set of rules to follow. A recipe is meant to be a guide, to be used as a …

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Welcome to “Thought Snacks,” Chef Luna’s Blog, and an Invitation

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I want to create something special with blog, “Thought Snacks,” and you, the blog readers. Having created and worked in hospitality since practically my childhood, I have always developed special relationships with customers – people who come by to eat, to talk, or just to be alone. (Yes, you even sort of develop a relationship with those people who don’t …