Interview with Master Chef Helmut Holzer

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In this interview with Master Chef Helmut Holzer (one of only 11 in the whole world!), he shares with us his research and development work around plant-based foods. You can find out more about his project and work by clicking this link here. Here’s a transcript of the first 8 mins of the interview: Chef Paul Luna (CPL): My name …

Chef Luna "Horrible" April Fool's trick

Horrible! How to get away with serving horrible-tasting food to a party

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A few months ago, I received a call to cater an event for a large group of people in Winterthur. My goal: to create the most horrible-tasting experience for them imaginable. My first step was to go through my shelves and refrigerators and dig up all the oldest, worst-tasting ingredients I could get my hands on. JUST KIDDING! April Fool’s …

Best Pizza in Winterthur, Pizzeria Cardinal

Best pizza in Winterthur, Switzerland

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You may not know this about me, but I can be pretty particular about the food I eat. To find, say, the best pizza in Winterthur (the town in Switzerland where I live) can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Why? Because there are TONS of pizza restaurants here. But many of them serve up the usual frozen-dough, baked …

Chef Luna Beck Schneider Cafe

Beck Schneider Café: A nice place for a cup of tea.

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People love their coffee in Switzerland. But every now and again, an herbal infusion (chamomile), can be really satisfying. In the town where I live, Winterthur, there are many, many cafés to choose from. One of the ones I keep coming back to is Beck Schneider. Check out the video I shot there. It’s a cozy place where one can …

A simple lesson in goodbyes

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Living in Winterthur, Switzerland, one of the things that is inevitable is learning German. There are many ways to say goodbye in German, but “Tschüss” is probably heard most frequently. While recording this video, we enjoyed the spontaneous opportunity to convey a simple lesson in goodbyes between close friends. Check it out! Before we say our goodbyes! Have you seen …

JesusRICE! is born!

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A month ago today, ChefLuna opened the doors on its latest venture, called: JesusRICE! From the outset, JesusRICE! is nothing particularly original. It’s a food concept. People go there to eat. The menu centers around: you guessed it–rice. Rice with veggies, rice with beef, rice with chicken–served with white beans. The core menu items are gluten-free and lactose free. This …