Best Pizza in Winterthur, Pizzeria Cardinal

Best pizza in Winterthur, Switzerland

You may not know this about me, but I can be pretty particular about the food I eat. To find, say, the best pizza in Winterthur (the town in Switzerland where I live) can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Why? Because there are TONS of pizza restaurants here. But many of them serve up the usual frozen-dough, baked in a run-of-the-mill oven pies, which — doesn’t feed my craving for the Southern Italian snack.

The Best Pizza in Winterthur?

So, when I discovered this place in my current hometown, Pizzeria Cardinal on Agnesstrasse 42, Winterthur, I found my go-to restaurant whenever I’m in the mood for pizza made in a real wood-fire oven!

Check out my video (under five minutes) to see why I think the best pizza in Winterthur is at Pizzeria Cardinal!

The best pizza — because of the people!

You will probably see that besides the freshness of the ingredients used, the awesome equipment (did you notice how many times I shot that amazing oven?) they use, the people who work (and own) Pizzeria Cardinale are wonderful!

Every time my wife and I go there, they are warm and welcoming! (Believe me, this is not a given in Switzerland. The people can be very reserved.) When I asked the owner if I could shoot a video in her place and get a mini-tour of the center of production, without hesitation she asked me to follow her around!

Thank you Pizzeria Cardinal for being my go-to place for the best pizza in this town!

(This blog post is my honest opinion. I have not received any compensation or payment to make the video or write this blog post.)  

If you find yourself in Winterthur, and you’re looking for a great place to have pizza and an Italian dinner, you won’t regret coming to his family-owned business. It’s well worth your evening in this small town.

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3 Responses

  1. Grazie x le belle parole ,per me e sempre un piacere avervi nel cardinal per farvi gustare sempre un ottima pizza con impasti a lunga lievitazione😊

  2. Grazie x le belle parole ,per me e sempre un piacere avervi nel cardinal per farvi gustare sempre un ottima pizza con impasti a lunga lievitazione😊

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