JesusRICE! is born!

A month ago today, ChefLuna opened the doors on its latest venture, called: JesusRICE!

From the outset, JesusRICE! is nothing particularly original. It’s a food concept. People go there to eat. The menu centers around: you guessed it–rice. Rice with veggies, rice with beef, rice with chicken–served with white beans. The core menu items are gluten-free and lactose free.

This venture, currently, is a one-man show. I am the dishwasher, the cook, the register-person and the doorman.

JesusRICE! is located in downtown Winterthur on Sch├╝tzenstrasse 10. You can find out more about it at:

What makes JesusRICE! special?

What makes JesusRICE! special is its purpose.

  • What to do with asylum seekers in our communities?
  • Who is helping troubled youth and orphans?
  • Is there a place for disenfranchised individuals to get the help they need to become vibrant contributors to the communities in which they live?
  • What can I do?

JesusRICE! is addressing issues that are challenging our local societies right now.

JesusRICE! is that place–for those who want training, on-the-job experience, friendship and a place they can feel safe and call home.

If you’re in Winterthur, Switzerland, swing by to check it out.