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What is Lunacy.TV?

It’s a digital social media platform, video channel and video production business, developed by Paul Luna, to showcase local businesses, local entrepreneurs, and their craft.

Who is Lunacy.TV for?

It’s for local businesses as well as tourists to show the pulse of living in your local town — in-person and online. Everybody brings value to the local market — from farmers and florists, to microbreweries and grocery stores.

What do I do next?

Easy! Just sign up... invite your friends... share with your customers, favorite restaurants... and play online.

Get in on the action!

Geared up with a camera, microphone, and tons of questions, chef Paul Luna is trading in his chapeau, chef's toque and knives to tell your story.
Are you in food and beverage?
Do you love going out to eat?
Then, this is the platform to join.

Lunacy.TV... Stay tuned...

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