Live Simply.

Food is not a luxury. The art of cooking is to nourish people. We know that processed food is not a substitute for real food. We believe that understanding where food comes from, and appreciating your healthy body and mind, are essential ways for living a balanced life.

Chef Luna is for people like you, who:

  • Want convenience and more time to be creative.
  • Want to spend quality time with the one(s) you love.
  • Committed to a diet and need to redefine their typical eating habits.
  • Have food allergies. We can customize a menu to satisfy special diets for lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian customers.
  • Are busy individuals or for families who do not have the time to cook and go groceries shopping.

The Service : How Chef Luna Wants to Transform Your Quality of Life

Chef Luna offers a line of food, freshly prepared and tested for optimal taste.

We are committed to quality ingredients that are locally-sourced to make your prepared dishes. All our menu items contain no additives or preservatives.  Our cooking techniques allow us to provide a superior product which can be consumed at room temperature or heated.

Nothing we do is mass produced. It is prepared for you, with your lifestyle in mind.

We work personally with you to create dishes that take into consideration your taste preferences, allergies and health. We get to know you as a person while maintaining your privacy.

VIP Memberships mean we get to spoil you. This is why we have structured the service in a simple membership with no fine print and no strings attached.

Luna | The Chef

Let's simplify life.

Chef Luna would love to share our passion for food and demonstrate how we can improve the livelihoods of busy people.

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